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Climbing The Mountain

Matt Brownell, Tim Adams, and Van Owens

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Climbing the Mountain is a weekly podcast devoted to the Word of God and its application in the lives of believers today. Grounded in the Sermon of the Mount, we dive into connecting scriptures to explore themes and implications.

Episode 55 - Two Houses and A Teacher with Authority | Closing Exhortations - Part 5

January 5, 2024

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We’re closing in on the end of the Sermon on the Mount now, and it’s all coming together here. Like any good sermon, we have a closing and a call to action; but, it’s such a different ending than you and I may be accustomed to and it was certainly different for His hearers. He’s calling them to listen to Him. He’s not like any other teacher in the way He points so squarely to Himself as the ultimate authority.

What makes Jesus our best judge and hope?

We’re going to explore this question; but, as we do, I believe we will see it is inexorably linked with how difficult His call to action is. And we’ll start here. We’re going to do a few different things in these next episodes. First, we’re going to read the rest of the chapter for context. We want you to hear how each part is connected. Then, we’re going to focus, as we’ve been doing, on the various pieces that make the whole.

Wadi/desert flood —

Scripture Referenced:

Matthew 7:13-29

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