Thank you for your response as a congregation to the direction of the state government and church leadership. Your vigilance has kept most of us healthy and connected spiritually via zoom and our online services.  Although our virtual meetings have kept us united, we realize that after 6 months, it is a challenge to not physically see one another. In our last Covid Policy update, while we did not sanction any church sponsored events, we did allow for those who felt up to it to meet with other disciples and friends in fellowship formats. 

As we head into the Fall, we want to take additional steps to let our church be together and be a light to each other and to the world:

  1. Small groups (family group size but definitely less than 50 depending on space) may meet outdoors so long as they maintain the state’s guidelines of monitoring their own health ahead of time, practicing good hygiene, social distancing (minimum 6 ft), and wearing masks. Children that cannot abide by these guidelines would not be able to attend (Pretoddlers should be fine) Obviously, the outdoor space you meet in will determine the number of people who can participate. We would recommend that no food or beverage be served so that individuals would keep their masks on for the duration of the event. We are asking every group to maintain a list of everyone who attends your meetings so that if someone who attends your gathering turns up positive, you will be able to comply with contact-tracing. Meaning that you will contact your local health department and inform everyone who attended that they should get tested and quarantine for 10 days. This last requirement does indicate that smaller is better. 

  2. We want to emphasize that we want every member to feel great about following their conscience and that no one would feel compelled to attend a service or group that they would not want to attend.  We would also ask that you make accommodations for those who will not attend in-person to have an online experience that meets their needs and keeps them connected as well.


We hope that these steps will be an encouragement to the church. Please stay safe and if you have any questions about this update please contact your local ministry leaders.


With love and respect,

The leadership of the Boston Church of Christ


Boston Church of Christ

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