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Our BCC S.C.U.A.D. Teaching Day “Kingdom Culture: The Spiritual Battle for Race," presented by Michael and MyCreysha Burns, is coming Saturday, December 4th.

Michael and MyCreysha have written a short synopsis on what they will be addressing in their sessions at the teaching day:

The Spiritual Battle of Politics and Allegiance

Contemporary Christianity has tended to over-emphasize the individualist dimensions of sin, forgiveness, and reconciliation with God to a degree that it has left us ill-equipped to navigate together the divisive landscape of politics, worldview, and group identity. This has often resulted in lurching towards the extremes of being completely apolitical or so wholeheartedly embracing the political agenda of a political party or ideology that the world no longer sees a difference between the church and the party which it has adopted. These are not issues that were unfamiliar to the first century church which had to navigate a landscape that is just as divided and politicized as ours is today. In this session we will consider what the message of the gospel and the kingdom of God really meant to the early Christians, what this caused them to believe about their allegiances and purpose in the world, and how this all can transform our vision about internal unity and the role of the church in a politicized and increasingly divided world.

The Spiritual Battle for Race

There are few topics that are more divisive than race. The more the secular world tries to resolve the issues surrounding this subject, the farther it seems from truly bringing peace and resolution. The church is called to be salt and light in the world both in a general sense and in the mission to gather the nations into one family that is at peace with one another. Yet, the body of Christ seems in more danger than ever in grasping onto the solutions of the world and no longer being a true alternative. In this session, we will consider the church in 1 Corinthians as a situation more like our own than we might realize. In that small but powerful book we will find similar problems and challenges, but also observe the power of the gospel as it brought healing and unity to the body in Corinth and can do the same for us if we allow it.

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Where and When Do I Watch It?

December 4 – Boston Church of Christ YouTube Channel - The two sessions are two different classes:

Session 1 –10:00 AM-11:00 AM

Session 2 -11:30PM -12:30 PM

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