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The Boston Church Eldership and Covid Response team has issued the following guidance as we resume in-person gatherings.


The church is committed to follow all the CDC and MA guidance to safely conduct worship services and meetings indoors & outdoors. Be sure to consult your facility manager and the local town for additional requirements. 

Messaging & Signage

  • Those who are sick or experiencing symptoms should not participate in meetings or services in-person whether indoors or outdoors

Face Coverings

  • Fully Vaccinated – not required to wear a face covering or practice social distancing indoors or outdoors

  • Unvaccinated – the church advises to wear a face covering indoors, and also outdoors if you are unable to social distance

  • We ask that our members be considerate of others, and to be mindful of those who prefer to practice social distancing or wear a face covering regardless of their vaccination status 

  • Speakers & Singers - You may have speakers and singers leading worship who are not masked; however we advise that these participants be fully vaccinated 

  • Fully vaccinated attendees may also sing without wearing a face covering

  • We advise that unvaccinated attendees wear a face covering and social distance

Capacity Limits

  • There are no indoor capacity limits or distancing requirements - return to pre-Covid capacity limits.


  • Communion can be supplied in the pre-packaged containers for individual consumption and made available to attendees in such a way as to limit contact with others.


  • Contribution can again be collected at service but should be done in such a way as to limit contact with others and to provide a secure process.

  • The office will provide direction for the counting teams in the following days. We advise waiting until the counting teams are organized and ready to accept donations before beginning in service collections.

Children’s Ministry

  • Kid’s ministry will be allowed to start again, however we are seeking further guidance from the EEC (MA Early Education and Care) and working with Bridget Koha to provide further guidance. We advise to wait until this guidance is available before starting your children’s ministries.


  • Pre-registration for services will not be required, nor will there be a sign in requirement at this time.

Refreshments & Food Service

  • Food may be served but should be provided in such a way as to limit exposure and contact with others.

Other guidance

  • Hand sanitizer or hand wipes should be made available for public use.

  • Appropriate cleaning after services – wipe down high contact areas

  • Notify health department of positive cases a must

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