We cannot wait to be back at Camp Laurel and Camp Laurel South for our annual camps! Read the latest guidelines here for making camp healthy and successful for everyone.

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting in-person camps for both the Teen and Preteen ministries.

As of the end of June, the state of Maine lifted all state mandated restrictions. At this point we will follow the CDC and Camp Laurel & Laurel South guidelines.

  1. By the time we arrive, the Camp Laurel and Laurel South staff expects to be 100% vaccinated.

  2. The Boston Church asks that as many as possible, who are eligible for the vaccine, get vaccinated prior to camp. The more that are vaccinated the safer camp will be for all who attend. We recognize that this is an individual choice. We are not mandating vaccination, nor will we have separate protocols for the unvaccinated.

  3. All campers/counselors, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to provide a negative Covid test result within three days prior to camp. After campers/counselors get their test done, they are encouraged to avoid crowds or travel. Hardcopy proof of a negative Covid test will be required prior to boarding the bus or entering camp. If a camper/counselor did travel or attend an event with a crowd after taking the Covid test, they will need to report that fact to the medical staff upon arrival at camp.

  4. Camp will be our bubble. Once the campers/counselors arrive, they will not leave camp.

  5. The only exception to #4 is the Whitewater rafting trip (outdoor event, our group only with guides, our own bus). This event is only for teen camp rising seniors and super seniors.

  6. At Preteen camp, campers/counselors will remain in cabin groups (cohorts or pods). At Teen camp, campers/counselors will remain in groups during dgroup discussions and indoor dining.

  7. While at camp, masks will not be required in the cabins. We will make sure cabins are well ventilated. Only members of a cabin group (cohort or pod) will be allowed to enter that cabin.

  8. While outdoors, masks will not be required. We will encourage campers/counselors to practice distancing.

  9. All indoor activities will require that masks be worn regardless of vaccination status. “When We are Mixing, Then We are Masking”.

  10. During mealtimes, all campers/counselors will wear a mask while going through the food service line. If campers/counselors elect to eat indoors, they must sit at a table ONLY with other cabin mates. If they sit outside in the picnic areas, they can dine with whomever they want.

This continues to be a moving target and hopefully by the time we get to camp even these restrictions will not be necessary.

Thanks again for your support of and for the North East Teen Ministry.