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We welcome the Petruzzis and the Bolves to our ministry staff!

Glenn and Danielle Petruzzi have led churches in Albania and Maine, and are now coming to lead the Northwest Mission Center of the Boston Church in Lowell. To the Petruzzis, this is more of a homecoming as they were previously leading the campus ministry in Boston prior to planting the church in Portland, ME in 2010. Now, as region leaders, they have their vision set on building a strong campus ministry at UMass Lowell and stoking the faith and fire of the members in the Northwest. They are bringing their three boys and two dogs with them and are excited to settle in Westford.

Austen and Sara Bolves have led the campus ministry in Seattle, WA for the last five years and have moved to Boston to lead with the campus ministry team Downtown. Their dream is to be missionaries in Europe and will be training with the New England School of Missions. 

We welcome them to our church and can't wait to see what God does through them in our towns and on our campuses!

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