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Kevin and Melissa Miller named new Lead Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader

After several months of prayer, fasting, and discussions, the Boston Church of Christ eldership recently announced Kevin and Melissa Miller as lead evangelist and women’s ministry leader for the entire Boston Church. The Millers have led the Downtown region of the Boston Church for the last seven years and previously led the Boston campus ministry for 13 years. Kevin has served on the ICOC Campus Service Team and now serves on the board of the European Missions Society and as an instructor for the New England School of Missions. The Millers are known throughout our fellowship for their passion and zeal in raising up youth and reaching the next generation, as well as creating a church culture of close-knit, deep relationships. “This is truly one of the great honors of our lives. The Boston Church is a treasure and we are honored to be chosen to lead it,” said Kevin. “We pray to God that Boston can be a beacon light for the world, to inspire a revival among us so that the gospel can continue to be spread everywhere and to everyone and into the next generation.”