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Climbing The Mountain

Matt Brownell, Tim Adams, and Van Owens

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Climbing the Mountain is a weekly podcast devoted to the Word of God and its application in the lives of believers today. Grounded in the Sermon of the Mount, we dive into connecting scriptures to explore themes and implications.

Episode 46 - Persistence in Prayer | Prayer and the Golden Rule - Part 1

October 20, 2023

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In this episode, we start discussing Jesus’ “ask, seek, knock” teaching in Matthew 7:7-12. We ask why Jesus repeats and even escalates his call to prayer, and why he places no provisions or conditions on the promise to receive what we ask. Along the way, we unpack the role of persistence in prayer and how God uses prayer to teach us about what is good.

Scriptures referenced:

Matthew 7:7-12
Luke 11:5-13
Daniel 10:12-14
Luke 18:1-8
Genesis 4:6-7
Rev 3:20
Luke 15:1-7
Luke 18:9-14
Romans 8:26-27

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