The Boston Church of Christ has a thriving campus ministry of over 200 students in the downtown campuses as well as in colleges and universities throughout the entire Boston area. These young men and women shine a bright light for God on their campuses as they live lives devoted to God. Through Bible discussions, Bible studies, Friday night Devotionals, and many other fun events they build and share their faith. Additionally, there are annual events that many of students attend such as the International Campus Ministry Conference and the New England Campus Retreat–as well as a variety of other outings and activities. Each campus ministry is a part of a larger region where students have the opportunity to worship, fellowship and serve in varying capacities.

Kevin and Melissa Miller, who lead the Downtown Region oversee the Boston Campus Ministry. They work with other campus ministers, campus interns and lay campus leaders to help develop the student’s personal and spiritual lives.



The Singles Ministry in the Boston Church of Christ is a remarkable, faithful, fruitful, multiplying, electric, prayerful ministry! It ministers to a large and growing, diverse demographic of our congregation as it is made up of inspiring brothers and sisters of all ages, stages, cultures, talents and educational backgrounds. We follow whole-heartedly what The Scriptures express in 1 Corinthians 7 where Paul says “a married man does what is right, but a single man does what is better” in regards to being principally and undividedly devoted to God at this stage of life.

We are inspired by the different lives of our Single brothers and sisters in the Bible including Martha, Miriam, Ruth, Lydia, Timothy, John The Baptist, Paul and undoubtedly, Jesus who by their example show us how to live, grow, teach, train, lead and advance the kingdom for God. At this time in our lives we recognize that there is so much power and potential that can be given to God while having a lot of fun and excitement along the way!

Come join us in the excitement of the ministry.


Youth and Family

Children, teens and families are an important part of our church!  Our dynamic children’s program and youth ministry are a great blend of traditional values and Bible teaching while staying current in keeping up with the ever-changing  needs of children, teens, and families in this fast moving society. 


Each of our worship centers have programs for children from nursery through high school. Our youth and family (teen) ministry includes preteens (4th-6th grades); young teens (7th-8th grades ) and teenagers (9-12 grades). There are also summer camps for each of these age groups (beginning with preteens) which offer lessons about God and opportunities for sports and other activities.  There are hundreds of kids from schools across Massachusetts and New England that participate in our youth groups and camps–setting the stage for friendships that last a lifetime with others kids who are also striving to learn more about God and trying to live out what they are learning in the Bible.


Kids of all ages need their families,  which is why we strive to support our families in the raising of their children with a variety of parenting programs, discussions and support groups.  We emphasize and strive to  foster strong parent/child relationships  and offer help toward that end.  We have a great connection among our families in the church and between the families and the youth group, creating one larger family out of the many.  


Through youth group lessons, weekend activities, Bible studies, mentoring, and regular church services our teens gain the experience that church is fun and that God is relevant to their everyday lives.  Most teens have a lot on their minds including questions about God.  Our hope is that each teen will want to build their own friendship with God.  Therefore we encourage discussion and provide opportunities-including individualized Bible studies for them to have their questions answered and help them along the way.


If you are a teen or parent of a teen looking for help, spiritual guidance, fellowship, or just a church you can relate to–please contact us and come for a visit.  We look forward to meeting you!

Take a look at the vibrant Youth & Family Ministry of the Boston Church of Christ!
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Ministerio Hispano

Como parte de la Iglesia de Cristo en Boston, nuestra visión en el Ministerio Latino es hacer discípulos de Cristo en la comunidad latina a la cual pertenecemos.




Jesus tells us in Mark 14:7- “The poor you will always have with you…” As children of God, we believe that the way we view and serve the poor and needy among us is a reflection of how much we love God and Jesus. Jesus also tells us in Matthew 25:40- “Truly I tell you, that whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

As a congregation, we partner with HOPE worldwide, the benevolent arm of our churches, with the desire and goal to lend a helping hand. We offer many opportunities on local and international levels to practice “pure religion” as described in James 1:27. The events and programs we provide span the calendar year with service opportunities such as our Martin Luther King Day of Service; our annual golf and soccer fundraising tournaments; our Walk for HOPE (raising funds to go to local programs in need); our Hoops for HOPE 24 hour basketball-a-thon (raising support for the Sihanouk Hospital in Cambodia); our Saturday Academies; Food Pantries and many other service opportunities. At the end of the year, we sponsor an annual holiday party for children who are a part of DCF.


Whenever and wherever there is a need we strive to respond with an outpouring of love and support.


You can also find out more information by visiting the Boston Hope Worldwide Facebook.




The amazing secret of life is this - the more we focus on trying to change ourselves, the more frustrated and defeated we often become. The more we focus on who God really is, the more we are changed.


So how do you get to know God? One step at a time. Our desire as a church is simply to help you take that next step through a bible series studies.