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Part 1: Built on the Rock

Valdur begins the teaching session giving context to how we study and interpret the scriptures. Features a welcome from Kevin and Melissa Miller and a message from Katy Adelman.

Part 2: God's Plan From The Beginning

Valdur looks back in Genesis to see how God created men and women, what the word "helper" really means, and if the fall created or corrupted gender roles in God's creation. Features an interview with Alexandra Ghoman, Angela Perry, and Valdur and a message from Angela.

Part 3: Gender Roles In Your House And In God's House

We examine whether there are gender roles specific to men and women in the home and in the church. Features an interview with Javier and Kelly Amaya and Valdur and Irene Koha, and messages from Larry and Kim Reed and Hannah DeSouza.

Part 4: The Mountaintop Of Our Study

We conclude the study by looking at two very difficult passages and how to interpret them, while opening the door for future conversation about the application of our study. Features an interview with Alexandra Ghoman, Katy Adelman, and Valdur, and an interview and conclusion with Kevin and Melissa Miller.

Q&A Part 1

Valdur answers questions from the congregation about our Bible interpretation and application in the church of the principles we studied.

Follow Up 2022
Valdur gives an update to the Bible interpretation and application in the church for the principles we studied.

Additional Resources:

Women and The Bible Notes

Teachings About Head Coverings in 1 Corinthians 11:2-16

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Q&A #1 Notes

A brief conclusion from our teachers on the role of deconnesses.

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