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Climbing The Mountain

Matt Brownell, Tim Adams, and Van Owens

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Climbing the Mountain is a weekly podcast devoted to the Word of God and its application in the lives of believers today. Grounded in the Sermon of the Mount, we dive into connecting scriptures to explore themes and implications.

Episode 43 - Judge Not - Part 3

August 25, 2023

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We live in a simultaneously nonjudgmental totally judgy society. We’re told that it’s wrong to judge others. But, it’s not that anyone has the freedom to live however they want. We are also told what is good, often through virtue signaling, and then, ironically, we judge anyone who crosses the line in the least amount.I think we’ve lost the distinction between judging and tolerating and are now compelled to affirm even if we don’t agree or we will be judged. As Christians, how do we interact in a world that judges the very Word by which it will be judged?
Scriptures Referenced:
Matthew 7:1-6
James 4:11-12
Galatians 6:1-2
Romans 14

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