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The Boston Church can be described as nine churches operating as one. Each of our nine regions has its own staff, style, and programs, but maintain unity through fellowship, vision, and by working together to bring the gospel to the Greater Boston area. Find information about each region by using the tabs below.

We would love for you to join us on a Sunday morning!

Our church is committed to teaching the Bible, practicing daily, one-another Christianity, and proclaiming the name of Jesus to eastern Massachusetts and beyond. Join us as we learn from Jesus as a community. Each location also has a wonderful children's ministry and teen ministry where we seek to teach the next generation how to love God. Click on a location to learn more about the location closest to you!

In addition to the nine Sunday services, we have over 250 small groups in the Greater Boston area. If you would like to see if one meets near you, click the button below!



Central Region

Sunday 10AM
75 Pleasant St, Arlington, MA


Metro Region

Sunday 10AM
214 Concord St, Framingham, MA


Northeast Region

Sunday 10:00AM
45 Temple Street, Reading, MA

Back Bay

Downtown Region

Sunday 10AM
180 Berkeley St, Boston, MA


Northwest Region

Sunday 10AM
1140 Gorham St, Lowell, MA

Español Arlington

Ministerio en español

Domingo 13h
75 Pleasant St, Arlington, MA


South Coastal Region

Sunday, 10:30AM
40 Cedar St, Bridgewater, MA


South Cities Region

Sunday 10AM
451 Central Ave, Milton, MA

Español Boston

Ministerio en español

Domingo 10h
180 Berkeley St, Boston, MA

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