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Family Groups are the primary place where we are known and cared for.
Needs-based groups are communities that address life's challenges like grief, substance abuse, sexual addiction, disabilities and more.
Bible Study Groups are a great way to learn more about the Bible, grow in your faith, and connect with other Christians.
Within these groups, we can build deep, personal relationships and practice the way of Jesus together. 

We have over 200 groups located across the Greater Boston area. 

Join our community today!

Find your group

Are you looking for a Family Group, Bible Study Group, or a needs-based group? Find your community below.

Contact us

Send us an email letting us know where you live and we'll connect you with the nearest group leader!

Meet up

Visit your group and enjoy making connections.


Family Groups

We are a church that believes in practicing our Christianity beyond Sunday mornings. Our Family Groups provide the community we need to do that. Groups meet each week for fellowship, bible study, meals, fun activities, and more. Contact us to find out where the group nearest to you is.

Needs-based groups

Beyond the Family Group, members have also created groups to address particular needs within our community. Some of these groups are only offered in specific regions of our church. We welcome newcomers.

  • Freedom Ministry - a group focused on helping men and women recover from sexual addiction.

  • Chemical Recovery Ministry - a group for those wishing to find freedom from addiction and substance abuse.

  • Grief Recovery Group - helps those dealing with grief and the pain of loss.

  • Parenting Groups - Join groups that are focused on young families and navigating the joys and challenges of raising kids!

  • Lazarus Group - a support group for those with various disabilities.

Bible Study Groups

We offer a variety of Bible study groups to meet the needs of all ages and interests. Our groups are led by mature Christians who are passionate about sharing the Word of God. We offer a variety of formats, including traditional lecture-style studies, discussion-based studies, and even online studies. We also offer a variety of topics, so you can find a study that interests you.

If you are looking for a way to grow in your faith, I encourage you to join in a Bible study group. It is a great way to learn more about the Bible, connect with other Christians, and grow in your faith.

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