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Help seekers become Disciples of Jesus.

Making Disciples is a series of Bible studies crafted to help anyone teach the basic principles of Christianity.

When Jesus said, "Go and make disciples of all nations..." (Matthew 28:19), we took that seriously. We believe every Christian can be equipped to make disciples of Jesus. Join us in spreading the gospel message to the world!


Making Disciples Bible Studies

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Teacher Resources

Included in the Teacher Edition of Making Disciples, you can find 8 additional appendices, follow-up studies, additional scriptures and resources to equip you to handle God's Word effectively.


Additional appendices are included addressing topics like the Holy Spirit, Persecution, the Cross, and more.

Additional Scriptures

Each study comes with a list of additional scriptures to take your study deeper.

Teacher Tips

The Teacher Edition has Teacher Tips to help you navigate the study with a seeker.

Download Making Disciples

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Continue teaching the truths of scripture with the Foundation follow up studies for new disciples.

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