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Big Idea

Saving faith in Jesus includes being a disciple of Jesus, a wholehearted follower who fishes for men.
Key word: “wholehearted”


Matthew 28:18-20

Q. What does Jesus want everybody to become?

  • A disciple.

Q. What do you think a disciple is?

  • A disciple is a follower of Jesus who is a “disciplined learner.” A disciple of Jesus intentionally puts into practice what he/she learns. A disciple is like an apprentice.

Q. Do you believe you are a disciple of Jesus? If so, when did you become a disciple?

We will investigate what a disciple is for the rest of this study.

Acts 11:25-26

Q. What do you see here?

  • In Antioch a disciple and a Christian were the same thing.

Q. Which is the more popular term - “Disciple” or “Christian” in the Bible?

  • The word “Christian” only appears three times in the New Testament (as in Acts 11:26).

  • The word “disciple” occurs over 270 times in the New Testament.

According to the scriptures, a disciple and a Christian are the same thing. You can’t be a Christian without being a disciple.

Mark 1:14-18

Q. What was Jesus’ call to these men?

  • “Come, follow me” (Christ). A disciple is someone committed to following God in all areas of their life.

  • A disciple is a person committed to making other disciples.

Q. How wholehearted and urgent was their commitment?

  • They left their nets immediately and followed him, which shows a “wholehearted” commitment.

Q. If you believed Jesus was the Messiah, would you follow him wholeheartedly? Would you want to be with him and become like him?

Q. Is this how you became a disciple? Were you “wholehearted” and committed to making disciples?

Luke 9:23-26

Q. If anyone would come after me ... Who is anyone?

  • All of us! Jesus is talking to anyone who wants to follow him.

Q. Jesus tells us to deny self. What does it mean to deny yourself and take up your cross?

  • It is following the example of Christ in the garden (Matthew 26:36-39, “Not my will, but your will.”)

Q. What is going to be the hardest thing for you to deny?

Luke 14:25-33

Q. What do you see here?

  • Jesus applies this teaching to all (“if anyone”), which means us.

  • Prior to being a Christian, everyone is supposed to count the cost and give up everything (v. 28).

  • Consider the alternatives if you don’t follow Jesus and give up everything (v. 31-32).

  • Love Christ more than any person (v. 26); Jesus must come first, even over our closest relationships.

  • Everything, not just anything (v. 33).

Q. What will be the greatest challenge for you that you see here?

Mark 3:20-22, 31-35

Q. What do you see here?

  • Jesus was thought to be crazy and dangerous by even his own family.

Q. If you are going to follow Jesus, how do you think your family will respond?

Luke 11:1-4

Q. What do you see here?

  • Jesus taught his disciples how to pray in order to have a powerful walk with God.

  • Daily personal relationship with God (v. 3) through daily prayer.

Q. Are you willing to learn to pray to have a powerful walk with God?

John 13:34-35

Q. What do you see here?

  • Disciples are to love other disciples just as Jesus did.

Q. Are you willing to begin loving the disciples?


As we have looked at what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, let’s read Matthew 28:18-20 again and reflect on the following questions:

Matthew 28:18-20

Q. Are you a biblical disciple?

Q. If not, then what do you need to do to become a disciple?

Q. Is becoming a disciple what you want to do?

Someone ready to be a disicple is ready to be baptized. We will study that topic next.

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